Why Africa

Our search is the most thorough. And it has led us to an emerging economic force that has a vast pool of talent.

While Africa is emerging as a significant economic force, Stellar with its fast expanding Executive Search Services is well placed to address the senior talent acquisition needs across the African markets. With a very strong understanding of the talent landscape in these segments, specifically in terms of prevailing compensation levels, availability of talent with requisite skill-sets and willingness of native/expat candidates to shift base from different parts of the globe. Stellar is all set to cater to the diverse industries ranging from Consumer to Agribusiness, Industrial Technology to Cement.

At Stellar, we are in a continuous process of raising the bar in carrying out senior level searches, meeting the needs of all our clients. As we partner the visionaries with the game changers, the history makers with the loyalists, the rock stars with the ninjas and the extraordinary creative with the unorthodox techs. By combining equal parts- conviction, good fortune and resolve, we fuel success overarching agility reassuring integrity.

Industry leaders like Athi River Mining, Imperial Bank, Exim Bank, MAC Group, Mara Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Olam International, Avery Dennison, Phillips, Coke, Wal-Mart, Lavazza, Kraft Foods and Metro Cash & Carry are associated with us. These major players comprise the full spectrum of our clients’ diverse requirements, including mandates such as:

CFO, Director – Marketing, Head of Trade Marketing, Director Design – South Asia, Business Head – Mozambique, Franchise Director – East & West Africa, Business Head – Dairy – Nigeria, Head Of Graphic Sales – South Africa, Chief Legal Counsel, Procurement Head, PFB – Nigeria, Qualify Head – PFB, CEO/Country Head – Tanzania, Head of Retail, Tanzania, GM – M&A, VP Projects & Facilities Management, Director – EHS, Head – Virtual Merchandising, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics, Head – Legal, CEO – Agriculture, Uganda

Our approach:

  • We have a core focus on native talent in each individual market meeting the success criteria for a given role
  • We identify mobile, cross border African talent within the continent
  • We have access to African talent located in different parts of the globe, people who are looking to head back to Africa, i.e. returning African expats
  • We help bring on board talent from similar fragmented markets across the globe such as India and Indonesia
  • Ability to package Africa as a continent rather than a country/city and providing information to candidates not specific to the client’s organization alone (Education, Cost of Living, Accommodation, Socio-economic condition etc.)
  • Forming a relationship which goes beyond the conventional candidate – client paradigm, hand-holding of expat candidates till they settle in
  • Comprehensive overview of talent landscape in the region, covering all aspects-functional segmentation, diversity (gender/nationality), multiple compensation ranges, age bracket segmentation
  • We have earned clients’ trust through the last decade and a half by consistently delivering on critical to business mandates – searches that impact their top & bottom lines